Designing your home "uniquely" for You

In your Plan, you will receive suggestion options, paying special attention to the function of the room. 
You will decide what works best for you. 
We will work with any existing items that you are keeping and add only those that are necessary for your room and lifestyle. 
We will also incorporate any special mementos or collectibles that you would like to display and enjoy, using creative solutions.

We will be able to create the room that all of you will love!.

Detailed Plan ~ depends upon your needs

Returned Plans via E-Mail ....
Solutions may include: all or in part
Suggestions for:
  •  floor plan (with or without color)
  •  elevation plan - wall view (with or without color)
  •  furniture
  •  style choices
  •  placements of items
  •  wall decor
  •  wall treatment selections
  •  window treatments
  •  artwork & canvas art
  •  stenciling
  •  mural
  •  fabric 
  •  lighting
  •  flooring & rug
  •  accessories
  •  paInt color chips
  •  sketches  (with or without color) 
Floor Plan
Sketch from photo
Tampa, Florida
Existing Fabrics
Elevation Plan

What is a Design Plan?

Suggested Solutions to your Questions
 and planning 
All the Elements needed for your room Makeover using our experience, 
design knowledge, and creativity incorporating your personality, 
function and personal style, while staying within your budget
to create your vision and function for the room.

Actual Room Photo
Total or Partial Rooms
Your "new" DESIGN PLAN  may include any existing items that you wish to keep!

The Design Plan fee "varies" for each room 
(depends upon the "simplicity" or "complexity" of the project)