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Lorraine Blasetti
As an accredited California Certified Interior Designer, I fine tuned my natural abilities and studied all the many phases of Interior Design. I achieved my dream and in 1989, L.B. Interiors was born.

Since I was very young, I have always been interested in all things artistic. It's become an obsession. I study and see all things with an artistic appreciation. I admire the beauty and creativity of all I see around me. I always transport myself into the rooms in Design Magazines. Somehow they just seem to make me feel inspired. Yes, I'm a dreamer of major proportions. 

I welcome the challenge of Interior Design. I can quickly resolve difficult design dilemmas with ease. I'm a hands on, do it yourselfer gal. Ideas just happen. I'm grateful that I can help my clients achieve their dreams. I'm very thankful that I can do what I love. I feel very fulfilled when clients love their new rooms.
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