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Lorraine Blasetti
​Accredited California Certified Interior Designer.

Since I was very young, I have always been interested in all things artistic. It's become an obsession. I see all things with an artistic appreciation. I appreciate all design styles. Detail oriented with choosing the perfect accessory and furnishings to bring  your room to life. I admire the beauty and creativity of all I see around me.

I welcome the challenge of Interior Design. I can quickly resolve difficult design dilemmas with ease. I'm a hands on gal. Ideas just happen. I'm grateful that I can help my clients achieve their dreams and thankful for doing what I love. I feel very fulfilled when clients love their new rooms.

L.B. Interiors

Interior Design
" Lorraine met with me and after just a few minutes discussion she understood what I am looking for in redesigning my family/living room. She took a lot of time getting to know my tastes and helping layout a floor plan. We've just begun but I am very excited to be working with Lorraine. I'm really pleased that she is seeing my vision so clearly and is already engaged.

Thanks Lorraine. I'd recommend you to anyone."

Shari B.
Sylmar, Ca.