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It Was Time to Update from ...... the "70's"

In 2000, we decided to update our home after 30 years without any changes in our decor. Our home felt tired and outdated. It was time for a new look!  We knew the right person for this endeavor. Lorraine Blasetti would be the one for this make over. Lorraine had dicussed all the possibilities that were open to us to achieve a new look. We were open to her many suggestions about how to achieve the look we wanted within our budget. Many times, Lorraine gave us several choices about a room to create something different.  When we made our decisions, she was off and running.

Lorraine designed window treatments, added paint, moldings, wallpaper and wallpaper borders in several rooms including the living room, dining room, kitchen, den, a guest bathroom and a powder room.  She suggested ideas that we would have never thought of. She explained the reasons why certain choices would be better for the feeling we wanted. She was also very creative in converting a bedroom into an office. We were also able to use some forgotten items that were hidden in a closet. This was all done in coordination with painting the entire house. 

She was able to take existing items and some existing furmiture and add fresh touches to make a new room.  We purchased some new furniture and accessories, and artwork to replace the ones we no longer wanted. She created an entire new modern look of the day. She mixed her ideas with our ideas using some of our accessories, furniture and precious collections to create a new dynamic, beautiful modern look.

She also hand painted a beautiful mural in our living room that is one of a kind.  It is the focal point of the room. Lorraine designed new window treatments in many of our rooms. She also updated the fireplace and added carpeting to work with all the other design choices. 

Lorraine worked well with us, combining our ideas with her ideas, so that the completed project felt like a joint effort. She was able to accomplish this since she has a solid designer background.

She showed up on time and worked every day until the project was completed.  She was fair and reasonable with us on prices for all the work done. Working with Lorraine was a very pleasant experience and we would be happy to recommend her as a decorator.

H.& F. K.
Sherman Oaks, CA


Dear Reader,

My wife and I have moved into 5 different homes since 1987 and each time we employed the services of Lorraine Blasetti to update and decorate the interior and exterior so that we could enjoy the best solutions and desires that each one of our new homes could produce, irrespective of style or architectural limitation.

She studied all existing conditions and suggested creative and inexpensive ideas that produced surprising results. Like most people we thought that our own experience would be sufficient to handle the simple task of painting and decorating a dull house, after all, we knew our favorite colors from the previous homes. The truth is that each new place was different and needed the intuition and creativity of a professional.

Lorraine is that person. She has the knowledge, expertise, resources, imagination and the passion to keep up with the ever changing styles and trends which most people just don’ t have the time to observe or study like a professional does. A professional has the know how to apply the many  techniques and items available  to achieve the best results.

Lorraine has designed each of our homes with floor plan layouts, furniture options, remodeling ideas and color suggestions to give us the feel we wanted. Lorraine was aware of the budgets we needed to work with and her ingenuity to get “more for less” worked. Her sense of how to stretch the dollar can be done successfully to get the feel of a more expensive outcome. She understood that sometimes we didn’t need an entire make over so she added those few things that made our rooms feel brand new.

I tend to have a keen eye for design options since I have been a realtor for many years and routinely see many homes, however, when my wife was unsure, Lorraine drew sketches for her to understand and she explained anything that either one of us needed to be clear about, and why her suggestions were needed for the overall plan.

She also designed custom window treatments and suggested new approaches to our projects that we were unaware of or would not have considered using. We also were able to use many of our own items, of which she either used in an unlikely way or customized it in a brand new look.

Her artistic hand painting, faux painted walls, and design sense brought distinction to our homes. She has a great composition balance when creating a room design and custom artwork. Things just seem to feel and look right! She has a knack for placing and choosing the right accessories to achieve the style and feeling we wanted.

We have enjoyed working with L.B. Interiors and we could always feel the passion from Lorraine in every step from the beginning to the end of our design projects. We have been very happy with our homes, thanks to Lorraine Blasetti and L.B. Interiors.

Romeo and Linda Simone
Granada Hills, CA
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Reasons to hire a Professional Designer ……………….

We had our house on the market for six weeks and there wasn't a nibble.  This was in March of 2005, when we were at the "top of the market."  We needed to show that our house was worth the asking price. Lorraine came in, assessed what needed to be done and advised us to take the house off the market to make some changes.  We had not updated our house in 20 years.  Yes, we’re one of those couples. We took the house off the market for almost four weeks.

During that time, we listened, followed directions (not always easy) and turned our house into a home.  Lorraine educated us in the finer points of preparing our home for sale.  "It must appeal to a broad range of clients and not limited to those who like our tastes."  Every single room, hallway, nook and cranny was looked at as a potential buyer would look at it.

My husband and I had differing viewpoints as to how to "set the stage" for the house and this is where a third party intervention is necessary.  Lorraine could look at what needed to be done without the emotional energy we had in our home. Not to mention, the stress and wondering "are we doing the right thing?"  So it’s a two for one deal here.....interior designer AND couples counseling!

Our home was returned to the market and SOLD within 24 hours, the day after brokers’ open house. Ron and I were both excited and saddened.  We were excited that our "new home" sold so quickly, but saddened that we had to leave our fresh "new home”. We said we would buy it again. ....but we couldn't afford our own asking price! We both loved the way Lorraine turned the house around.

We were surprised to see how so much could be done for so little!  The original design of the house was perfect, we just needed help in showing others just how perfect it suit their needs.  What a difference those changes made, such as furniture placement (or removal), faux painting, window treatments, bedding, accessories, artwork and colors. It was a 360 degree turn. She has a great eye for placements in all her design work. By the way, Lorraine used 99% of “our own things”, some being stored items and my husband’s own artwork (never before displayed). Purchases were kept to a minimum. Lorraine would only allow me to buy something if I could use it in our "new home" in Arizona, and of course, the few things necessary that were needed to sell the house and give it the updated feel without a lot of expense.

We thought about in investing in new kitchen granite tops (the rage then) and Lorraine talked us out of it, as we had great tile. It would be too expensive and her other creative ideas would be sufficient. Lorraine proved it by keeping the tile as a positive feature and adding a new color to the kitchen and breakfast area to be very inviting, using her faux painting skills and hand painted grapes and vines throughout the kitchen area. The results were stunning.

Lorraine doesn't just suggest what to do; she is a hands on person!  She shopped with me, recommending pieces that would fit in and only encouraged that I buy them if they would fit in my new surroundings in Arizona.

Lorraine made this easy, fun, and painless staying within our budget.  One’s emotions are strongly attached to one’s home, but once you understand that it becomes a ‘home for sale’ when you put it on the market, it is much easier to listen to change.

I've learned a great deal about myself during this time.  Part of me was defined by the house, now, I define my "new" house.  Yes, I learned some lessons in the process and have happily applied them to my Arizona home.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lorraine's creative services.  Honest, trustworthy and she knows how to work miracles within a budget!

In reference to hanging onto too much stuff……. “Matter of fact you made me fall in love again with my "old" house……………..................Yes, I took your advice, decorate my new place NOW, as if I will be moving”. 

Sharon T. 
Thousand Oaks, Ca.

My Children’s Growth Mural

Along our driveway we have a concrete block wall facing us, where our neighbor built himself a concrete deck. He placed the wall right on the property line and left the blocks bare. My three children play next to this wall every day. I have always considered this wall an eyesore, but Lorraine turned it into an outdoor piece of art.

I wanted something to grow with my children. I asked Lorraine to create an art piece that would be similar to a “growth chart”. She sketched out an idea and I loved it.

She painted a nature scene with a grassy meadow on it. She suggested a large weeping willow tree that would be marked on the trunk with each child’s height progress each year. For flowers, she had my three kids make handprints. Each child couldn’t wait to put their hands in some paint to create the flowers and they each chose their own paint color for the mural. Then Lorraine painted the flower stems and leaves into the scene. I absolutely love it! It is now a wonderful reminder of my growing family.

The beauty about it is that it not only covers the ugly wall, but it also gives me a precious record of my children’s handprints over the years. Of course we have added new handprints to the flower meadow on every birthday of each of the children. The block wall is now an intricate part of our family’s growth and every time I see it, I now have the remembrance of my beautiful family. 

The best part is that as my children grow up, the artwork grows with more flowers and in the future, even my grandchildren will be able to enjoy this family tradition. Thank you Lorraine.

Stacy G.
Montrose, CA
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In 2001, my husband and I decided to sell our house and planned to be ready in a few  years to move closer to my ailing parents. We knew we needed to update the house because we hadn’t done anything much to it for about 27 years. Due to our ages and the cost of houses in the new area, we also knew that we would have to “downsize” and that it would be difficult. We needed help!

Lorraine suggested that updating would be more beneficial in the end. The cost to update would be minimal compared to the increase in the value of our house. We were overwhelmed!  We didn’t have any idea where to begin or how to start.

Lorraine was our neighbor and we always thought that her house was the best on the block. We had seen her design work throughout the years for other clients and we knew she could give us what we needed with our small budget. 

We had clutter and worn out furnishings that were too large for a new smaller house, so we were ready to invest in some new things to take with us to the new house. Lorraine suggested only the projects that would make the biggest differences. She stopped us from spending too much money on things that we thought we needed. She is a true bargain hunter and so creative in ways to keep the costs down & reused many of our things to pull it all together.

Her knowledge of "Design" and the "Real Estate" market became very important to us.

In 2004, our house was a whole new home, that included new "designed front landscaping". Lorraine guided us every step of the way, even how high and far apart to hang art on our walls. She added special touches with her custom hand painted art. She helped us choose paint, flooring, furniture, artwork, accessories, lighting, window treatments, bedding, tile, and placements of everything of which we didn’t know how important that really is. She also encouraged an entry redo "remodel" and  designed our "bath remodel floor plan" that was a must, because of a plumbing problem.

We sold our house in "two weeks" from when we listed it for much more than we would have without the updating! We could not have done this without Lorraine's help! We highly recommend L.B. Interiors for any decorating problems that you have. She is caring, honest and a hard worker and knows Interior Design.

R. & Irene C.
Granada Hills, Ca.
Interior Design

Not having a lot of money, I asked Lorraine Blasetti to help me put together my living room. She said she could decorate my room on a very low budget.

We talked about style and colors that I would be interested in. She took a tour of my house to get a feeling of my style. She listened to me and  understood my personality and tastes. I told her that I was open to buying used items.

She found a used sofa set and as an auto detailer, I cleaned it myself.  She bought new pillows to give me more color. She also found garage sale end tables. A friend gave me a coffee table as a gift (without the glass top) and then Lorraine found the glass top in a thrift store by chance.The chair was a hand-me-down that I had in another room. The large artwork is my own art and the two others are custom designs that Lorraine painted to add to the wall. She also found some accessories that she knew I would like. The lamp was also a great find. The area carpet was discounted and fit my colors perfectly.

Lorraine and I designed the window valances because I wanted something no one else would have. They are "one of a kind".  I like things that are different.

I am also an artist and after practicing, Lorraine and I together, "faux" painted the walls in the living room, dining, and breakfast rooms. I enjoy this room and so do my friends.

Lorraine knows how to bring a room together and avoid buying new or expensive items. If you need help in decorating, Lorraine Blasetti is the one who knows how to stretch a dollar.

Ocean Mural

I saw some of Lorraine's artwork and decorative painting in her portfolio. I haven't painted any murals and didn't want to. I had three metal fish accessories and had no shelf to put them on in my guest bathroom. She said she could use them in a design plan for wall art. I decided to have her paint a mural. Lorraine brought me a sketch of her idea and it was a "go". She also custom made the window treatment. I get a lot of compliments on my ocean mural.

North Hills, CA
E Design ( design online ) 
Rearrange & Declutter    

Lorraine, what can I say. Genius!!!!

After 12 years of the same decorating, we needed to update and freshen our house, each room, as we could afford. I wanted to start with my kitchen. The wallpaper was outdated. I wanted a new look with paint. I asked Lorraine to help me pick out colors. 

She asked to see the rest of the house to get a feeling of who I was and my style. We went around the house, room by room. She asked me a lot of questions about the rooms. She had so many great ideas about how to use a lot of my own stuff in different rooms. It was overwhelming! But at the same time, I was excited. It was the first time in a very long time that I got excited about my house. 

She kept saying there is “too much stuff”!  After a few visits, she didn’t even see some of my real nice things because there was too much to look at and the nice things were not noticeable. TOO MUCH STUFF. 

At first, the kitchen was all that I was going to do at the time. Lorraine said she would work at my pace if I decided to change other rooms. She would keep all the rooms in mind when we decided the plans for the other rooms. We had the kitchen painted. She offered to help me with putting back any kitchen stuff on the walls or make some changes. 

She told me the next thing to do was DE-CLUTTER. That was emotionally hard to do. She gave me ideas and e-mailed me a guide on how to make it easier. She had many discussions with me about this. What I wanted my house to be would not happen, if I didn’t re-organize and make specific decisions about my collections of stuff. We had lots of e-mails that helped a great deal.

I had to analyze myself and how I wanted my house to feel and look. So, I managed to go through all my closets and drawers and even the garage, to get the extra space I needed for the important things that I couldn’t part with. I cleared out years of unnecessary things along the way. She helped me realize what I truly needed to keep.

Lorraine also helped bring my husband and I together on all the decisions to de-clutter. We differed on some things and she helped us tremendously with the compromises. She worked with me to re-organize our stuff. We gave a lot of things to Salvation Army. We felt good about that. We sold stuff on craigslist too.

Lorraine informed me that a DESIGN PLAN for each room is where you start. When you are bargain hunting, it’s important to stick to the plans if you can. Sometimes, I would find something that I wanted, and I e-mailed her to ask if it would work. Many times it didn’t fit the plan or size and too many things for the room would have to change also. 

Lorraine made drawings of her new ideas for the rooms. She helped us save money by using a lot of stuff that we wanted to keep! I was in AWE of what she came up with. Just by moving and re-arranging our furniture and selling off some of our items. I would replace them later with items that were the right size or style. Showing us how it would turn out with the new plans, all through emails. AMAZING! She also sent e-mails with Floor Plan ideas because I couldn't picture the room. Her E-Mail designing is priceless.

She was so thorough with how she looked at the whole picture of the room. I do not have the gift that she has and I would have made a lot of mistakes. She saved me a lot of time.

At first, I wanted to work on one room at a time, but as we worked together, because of BARGAIN SHOPPING, we would find a great item at a good price that we couldn’t pass up for other rooms and wanted for our future plans. Changing a little in one room and a little in another room at the same time, worked out great!  It all came together. A lot of these things would have been so hard to find later and would have lengthened the time to finish the whole house. Great finds. Great buys and good quality items. 

I sold a lot of stuff I didn’t need and I purchased the items I really needed that are the right size. This was all done through her e-mails to me of pictures of items that she had found, another one of the great things she does. She knows just what to look for by taking before pictures and measurements of my rooms. She is unbelievable about knowing the sizes of things. I’d call her, she’d ask me the size, she’d answer great or wrong size.

It’s been 1 year since we started this together and we are finally done. We changed the Living Room, Dining Room, Den, Kitchen, Guest Room, and created a new Office. It’s been fun to work with you. With the Plans and some DIY, we could do more than we thought. Our house feels more comfortable and bigger and you used most of my own things that I had.. You saved us so much money.

I wouldn’t have known what to do or how to begin. Thanks to you, I could not have done this without you. Thanks so much!

I was cleaning up the living room today and I stood there and just smiled.

Then I sat in the den and enjoyed it for the first time in a long time. To see my collection and my husband’s collection so beautifully displayed. It really felt peaceful and sentimental. You kept telling me that Too Much Stuff creates anxiety and now I know what you were talking about!!

Thanks so much, its looking great. I did not ever image that our house could be so changed and with elegance and charm. You understood what we wanted and helped us save a lot of money! And we got a brand new look! We were surprised that so much was decided mostly through E-Mail that also saved us time and money. It was so easy and convenient.

Susan G. 
Granada Hills, Ca.
E Design ( design online )

I wish you the best of the holidays and want to thank you for all your wonderful ideas and help turning my living room into a homey comfortable room. It has the warm yet styled complete look I have wanted all along.

I have always wanted a home that made you feel comfortable and welcome when you walked in. No matter what I bought, or how much money I spent I could not get the warmth and cohesive look and feel I wanted. 

I purchased several sofas, numerous tables and have a closet full of lamps and pictures that just didn't work. And then I met Lorraine. Lorraine reviewed what I had and sent me e-mails with several options for furniture placement and suggestions to fill in empty spaces in the room. 

After we decided on a Plan for the room, she took the pictures I e-mailed her of my room and e-mailed them back to me with new items or new placement of existing pieces that I already had. She added pictures to the walls, allowing me to get a visual look of the finished room. Not only did she suggest the style, color and size, she did the research and provided several items from websites with specific items for me to review. She has a keen eye for the perfect item at a bargain price. 

Through many e-mails, including discussions, Lorraine helped me understand why pictures need to be hung at the proper height, how to use pillows to soften and blend my sofa with the rest of the room. She is a wealth of information, highly creative and full of ideas to meet your goals. Lorraine was quick to respond and extremely easy to work with. I highly recommend Lorraine and her interior design services. 

I love my new living room and have had many compliments from my family and guests,
Thank you Lorraine,

Karen Lotito
Tampa, Florida
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