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Many times, I may have "more than one solution" for "each" of your decorating question/s!
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4. Describe the "function" ("how" you will be using the room), example: eating, sleeping, tv, guests, office etc.
5. Describe "who" will be using the room, example: adults, children, baby, guests, or everyone?
6. What is the size of the room? (required)
9. What are the items you are "not keeping and/or want to change" ?  (required)
    example: furniture, paint color, window treatment, design style change.
10. What do you call your "design style"? If you don't know, I can help!
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You may Email or call: 1-818-282-2555 at any time regarding any other questions you may have.

Thank You!
8. Name the "existing colors" in the room that you will need to work with for a new look. (required)
7. Do you have any animals?
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Views of all "four" walls (try to capture the entire room).
For an "open floor plan", please send additional photo/s of  "adjacent room/s". You may enter all information on this page.
For (more than one individual room): Open a "new" Questionnaire Form for each individual room separately.
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# 1.   Questionnaire ~ 2 Steps
# 2.   Submit this Questionnaire
          and at least "four" room photos  
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11. What is the "feeling" you want for the room? ( required )
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13. Are you handy or crafty?
14. You can SAVE "more money"!  Are you willing to do some handy work or crafts yourself?
       I will give you inexpensive solutions that will lower your costs.
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​ESTIMATE will not include cost of ITEMS or MATERIALS
What is the fee for ..... a Design Plan?
Solutions to Questions? 
Floor Plan? 
Murals & Hand Painting?
Custom Canvas Art?

     1. Fill in the Questionnaire
     2. Email 4 or more photos of your room
     3. Submit information
     4. Questionnaire & photos are analyzed
     5. Estimate is sent to you
     6. Choose from "itemized" list within your budget
     7. Option to Purchase the Design Plan for your Room Solutions
     8. Custom "Detailed" Design Plan is sent to you 
     9. Do It Yourself and create your new room using the "Detailed" Plan
         ....... or ...... 
   10. Contract with Designer for additional services to complete your room

A response to your Decorating and Design questions will be returned as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.
Many times, there may be "more than one solution" for "each" of your design question/s!
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~~~  Special "discount" for "multiple rooms"  ~~~
Total or Partial Room
~ Views of all "four" walls a distance away. 
    Please try to capture the entire room.

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Design Plan "fee" varies depending on the "simplicity" or "complexity" of the project.
A Makeover begins with a Design Plan
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I will send a "testimonial" later.
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